The international workshop of project partners

Organization of a two-day international workshop, "Stress management in the workplace," in the Czech Republic (České Budějovice). The objective will be to bring together the academic community and business practitioners. The event will combine the presentation of the latest scientific developments in stress management area, interactive discussion, and other forms of interpersonal exchange of experiences. Another part of the workshop will be a comparison of the research, presentation of the research findings, preparation of the planned monograph, and other scientific outputs.

Press release

On November 2nd and 3rd, a two-day workshop was held at the Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, focusing on the issue of stress and stress management in the business environment. The workshop is a part of project "Readiness of small and medium-sized enterprises in V4 for stress management interventions" which is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from tInternational Visegrad Fund. This workshop brought together research teams from Visegrád Group countries, specifically teams from Poland (Wroclaw University of Economics and Business), Slovakia (University of Presov), and Hungary (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), in addition to our faculty.

The workshop attracted not only academics and students but also employment experts, HR specialists, and representatives from the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce. Discussions during the workshop were intense and open, leading to valuable insights and solutions regarding workplace stress. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences and find common paths to address the entire issue, benefiting both in theory and practical application for businesses.

In addition to the rich academic debates, the workshop featured a diverse cultural program that allowed participants to network and enjoy shared activities outside the lecture halls. This workshop was a valuable contribution to all involved and reinforced collaboration between universities and industrial partners in the field of workplace stress management.

The common monograph "Readiness of small and medium-sized enterprises in V4 for stress management interventions."

The monograph will consist of a description of the current state of the issue, an overview of the research findings, a statistical evaluation of the data, a comparison of the process in V4 states, and recommendations for businesses

Virtual kick-off meeting

Organization of virtual meeting with project partners via MS Teams on 3. 7. 2023. The event's content will be coordination issues, research design, distribution of tasks, and desk research. A project plan will be developed that outlines how the project will be carried out within time and cost constraints. The virtual kick-off meeting is carried out to bring all project partners to a common understanding of the project. Each of the sub-project teams of the partner countries will be assigned tasks to solve.


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