Jakub Drzewiecki


My research areas are the following:

  • Business models: origins, determinants of business model choices, business model dynamics, business model creation, evolution, improvement and management.
  • Methods of business model management, e.g.: Business Model Canvas, as well as lean-related methods, e.g.: Lean Startup and Lean Product.
  • Strategic management in: startups, small and medium-sized companies: strategic management methods and frameworks, processes of strategy identification and implementation.
  • Outsourcing: strategic outsourcing, outsourcing projects, outsourcing maturity, relationships in outsourcing project management, determinants of outsourcing effectiveness.
  • Organizational boundaries: functions, impact on outsourcing arrangements, process of adjusting organizational boundaries.

Chosen Grants

  • Head and principal investigator: “Outsourcing decisions and Polish companies` business models: organizational boundaries context” financed by Polish National Science Centre (NCN), 2014-2018, grant No.: 2013/09/D/HS4/00583 More information: https://projekty.ncn.gov.pl/en/index.php?projekt_id=216934.

Chosen Publications

  • Drzewiecki J.: Outsourcing as a tool of business model change: the Business Model Canvas perspective, Wroclaw University of Economics, 2019.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Relations between outsourcing decisions, business model and organizational boundaries: theoretical framework, „Organizacja i Zarzadzanie” 4(24), Gliwice, 2013, pp. 43-56.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Opportunities, threats and variability of business models of Polish businesses adapting outsourcing – research results, “Modern Management Review” 23 (4), 2016, pp. 59-71.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Outsourcing application effectiveness in Polish enterprises –research results, “Przeglad Organizacji” 12/2017, pp. 67-75.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Outsourcing and Changes of Business Models of Polish Enterprises – Research Results, [in:] Hradec Economic Days Vol. 8 (1), University of Hradec-Kralove, 2018, pp. 197-206.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Enterprise size and changes introduced to business models of polish enterprises applying outsourcing – results of research, “Research on Enterprise in Modern Economy” 2/2018, pp. 5-16.
  • Drzewiecki J., Krzos G.: Outsourcing maturity: conceptual framework, and its impact on outsourcing effectiveness, “Transformations in Business & Economics”, Vol. 19, 2020, No 2A (50A), ISSN 1648-4460. IF=1,058.
  • Drzewiecki J.: The Maturity of Outsourcing Used Within Polish Enterprises - Research Results, [in]: „Education Excellence and Innovation Management: A 2025 Vision to Sustain Economic Development during Global Challenges”, Soliman Khalid S. (red.), 2020, International Business Information Management Association (IBIMA), pp. 8662- 8673, ISBN 9780999855141.
  • Drzewiecki J.: Empirical Verification of Relationship Between Organizational Boundaries, Business Model Change and Outsourcing Scope and Maturity, European Research Studies Journal, 2021, vol. 24, Special Issue 1, pp. 1287-1311. (DOI:10.35808/ersj/2105). IF=1,168.
  • Drzewiecki J., Olek K.: Efficiency and effectiveness of management methods, techniques and tools in the context of startups` strategies and business models – research results, „Organizacja i Kierowanie”, 2023 (to be published).
  • Drzewiecki J.: Strategic management in Polish startups: strategy vs business model approach – research results, Procedia Computer Science, 2023 (to be published). IF=0.801 (projected IF).
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