Jan Fiala


In my professional work, I focus on mathematics, probability, and statistics and their didactics, informatics, working with information, ethics, and corporate education. Ph.D. I graduated from Palacký University in Olomouc in the field of pedagogy. I am a long-time member of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists.

Research Area

Pedagogy, Mathematics, Informatics.


  • Alina, J., Houda, M., Roskovec, T., & Fiala, J. (2022). Efficiency of public transportation in the Czech Republic during the start of the crisis of 2020 studied by the DEA methods In Proceedings of the 16th International Scientific Conference INPROFORUM 2022. DIGITALIZATION. Society and Markets, Business and Public Administration, p. 196-202. 
  • Fiala, J., & Hrubešová, M. (2022). Několik úloh z finanční matematiky s využitím geometrického průměru In Setkání učitelů matematiky všech typů a stupňů škol 2022, p. 77-82.
  • Friebel, L., & Fiala, L. (2022). Pedagogical Performance Modelling at the Faculty of Economics of the University of South Bohemia – Case Study In 40th International Conference Mathematical Methods in Economics 2022, p. 79-85.
  • Fiala, J., & Lindner, A. (2022). Simulace hodu kostkou v programu GeoGebra, South Bohemia Mathematical Lettersp 12(1), 10-20.

Personal Drive

Stress is often a significant inhibitor in achieving higher goals, but it also has its own health risks. Using stress and managing an excessive level of stress at the same time is a challenge for every person throughout his life. I would like to learn more about the topic of stress and contribute to the solution of research questions with my experience, especially in the field of pedagogy and psychology.

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