Péter Balogh


Peter is a practitioner and researcher with more than 20 years of experience in the field of organizational development projects, particularly in the areas of positive psychology, stress management, and resilience, designed and implemented in corporate environments. As an external OD consultant and internal manager, he has decades of experience in key issues related to business processes and organizational functioning. He has hands-on experience in how human factors impact the profitability of a company's operations through improving customer satisfaction, employee training, and organizational development. His consulting experience includes developing industrial and sales clients, managers, and professionals. He has delivered over 1200 hours of individual and team coaching and over 1000 days of training and workshops. As a consultant, he is committed to continuous improvement in his work and aims to enable everyone to achieve the same success in small and large steps.

Research Area

Work and organizational psychology, Applied positive psychology, Stress-management and resilience development with positive psychological tools, Customer experience, Design thinking, User experience design, Brief coaching with solution focus.

Chosen Publication

  1. Kun, Á., Balogh, P., & Gerákné Krasz, K. (2017). Development of the Work-Related Well-Being Questionnaire Based on Seligman’s PERMA Model. Periodica Polytechnica, Social and Management Sciences, 25(1), 56-63.
  2. Balogh, P. (2002). Psychology of Customer Relationship. Applied Psychology, 1, 7-14.
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